The citizens of many countries have always had a way of looking at things in black and white. (South Africa and the southern states of the US in particular). However for the English this has never been the case. What may seem straightforward to others is a little more complex to the advanced mind of the Englishman.

For example, war. What is it good for? Well, sure it has its knockers but the English have always found it a handy way of expanding the empire and learning new and exciting cooking techniques.

Or love. Considered to be generally a ‘good thing’ but doesn’t it lead to all that tedious, sweaty procreation business with the inevitable mess and embarrassment?

No, for the English there needed to be a middle way. A choice more in line with the English weather, English complexion and colour of English boiled potatoes and so it was that in 1952 Henry Thorpe invented grey. It turned out to be the defining creation of the decade and soon became a firm favourite of the English.


I think we all know who looked the most sophisticated in this special Anglo-Italy-US episode of Blind Date first aired in 1983.

Related non-invention:
Gray (Non-invented by the Americans): No Lance, you can’t spell it and you can’t carry it off. Stick with your gaudy colours. That’s right, colours!


One Response to “Grey”

  1. Andromedus IV, Ancient Briton Says:

    Indeed old chap, this is top notch stuff. Lovely weather we’re having, although it was a tad bracing this morn. What ho!

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